What Are The Chances?


The turn of the twentieth century brought forth a new generation of “Spirit Communication”. Aside from the classics such as Ouija Boards, Dowsing and EVP the electronics revolution (powered by television) spawned new ITC devices.  Some were “hacked” radio scanners that randomly scan the airwaves producing choppy word segments that many pareidolic minds twisted into whatever dialogue they wanted to hear. (I know, I know, it said your name… OK).  Others are programmed devices said to sample the atmosphere for changes in electro-magnetic energy and temperature and with that special calculation spit out one of it’s thousands of  pre-programmed words.

I have worked in the electronics field for years. My background is in bio-medical electronics and I worked for years in a research and development firm designing electronic creations.  The aforementioned device known as the Ovilus simply does not do what so many proclaim. Even the label says “for entertainment only.”   So how do so many people get what seems to be intelligent responses?  The answer is simple. It’s pure chance…. yes really.

In the world of statistics the chance that a random word will match your environment or question is really pretty good. In fact for it to be statistically significant it would need to exceed an 85%  hit rate on a sample higher than 50. For you statistic minded folks the calculation can be made using what is known as the frequentest inference.  For the sake of those gritting their teeth  at the idea of doing complex math I will forego the heavy details and skip to the demonstration.

I have created a tool that contains a word bank of 4067 words. The same amount as the Ovilus X (same exact words too). When you click on the link below the numbers you will see flashing across the screen are randomly generated numbers. When the numbers are within a certain range a random word from the word bank is displayed.

If you leave the tool running for a few minutes you will soon see that random chance can easily have the appearance of intelligence. The generate words will eventually match elements in your environment, life and maybe even your mind. This is, in essence, how devices such as the Ovilus, Spirit Box and many other ITC products appear to be “communicating” with an unknown world, and how they create such a stir.

Keep in mind  that no matter how intelligent the responses from this device may seem to be, the words you are seeing are 100% random and there are absolutely no sensing elements or intelligence programming involved.  What are the chances ?

I would love to hear about your experiences.



4 thoughts on “What Are The Chances?

  1. Mike Baker and other Paranormal Scientist are trying to get there thoughts across that all the ITC crap that is out there is worthless junk, this includes the Ovilus, franks box, spirit box, ghost box

    Using Statistical Analysis and a Random Generator you can make something appear intelligent, like you are communicating with a ghost.

    Now the people who use the Ovilus, Spirit Box swear by them, they say there name, give answers to questions like they seem intelligent and the person is communicating with an intelligent Entity.

    I read about one user of this crap say he holds things up to the spirit box like a chain of keys and ask the box what am i holding and it says KEYS, or hold up a pen and the spirit box says a PEN, now these fools become hard core believers that the spirit box is communicating with them and they are communicating with an intelligent spirit.

    No Science will convince these hard core believers that it is all an illusion and very convincing. they actually believe they are talking to a Ghost.

    Even when a Paranormal Scientist was on George Lopez is internet show Dead Air and discussed the Ovilus, Spirit Box, Ghost Box, Franks Box why all these gadgets are junk, and George is Smart Guy, He has on his Dead Air program Andrea Perron the oldest daughter from the movie The Conjuring to communicte with some of the spirits in the house using a SPIRIT BOX, This including the so called witch Bathsheba, now they were both convinced that they were communicating with a spirit.Did both believe that crap or were both wanting to be entertaining and go along with the Paranormal TV Shows like Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters.The Problem is they are going to convince the listeners that it is real what they are doing, Just like the crap with the 4 flash lights you see on Ghost Hunters like they are actually are communicating with a ghost because the lights go on and off, come on people get real. I will let the reader decide for him her self.


  2. It said “rabbit” first – that is crazy because Easter is just around the corner! Then it said “Kelly” . . . hey, I know someone named Kelly . . . next it said “woman” (hey, that’s me!). 😉


  3. Random randomness: “Grew” — “Chris” — “Feeling” — “Jewelry” — “Which” — “Coarse”
    The elements of a sentence, out of order, and lacking sense in any order, I think. Interesting article and demo!


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