Conducting A Scientific Paranormal Investigation

“All scientific research originates because of either a curiosity or a need to solve a problem.” In the paranormal research field this basic guideline still rings true.  There are thousands of paranormal research teams in the world who claim to be scientific simply because they use electronic equipment and skepticism in their research, but the worldContinue reading “Conducting A Scientific Paranormal Investigation”

Paranormal Technology: Failure 101

Over a decade ago, when I first began my foray into the enigmatic and often entropic world of paranormal research, I found myself in the unfortunate (but common) situation of being reliant on the knowledge of those who came before me.  During this time I recall hearing a lot of mixed messages from various groups andContinue reading “Paranormal Technology: Failure 101”

Five hard to swallow facts about Paranormal Research

  – 1 –  Audio, Video or Photos will NEVER serve as conclusive proof of “paranormal” phenomena  Oh I know that statement is bound to launch a thousand debates (and a few more hate mails), but let’s be honest here… media is not only easily misunderstood, it’s easily manipulated. Everything that is submitted as evidenceContinue reading “Five hard to swallow facts about Paranormal Research”

Visions and Voices – Paranormal or Psychotic?

            by Michael J. Baker A belief in the existence of paranormal phenomena is quite common these days. It’s certainly not difficult to find television shows, movies or books touting some sort of paranormal theme nor is it hard to find alleged witnesses to these strange  occurrences. However some paranormal beliefs shareContinue reading “Visions and Voices – Paranormal or Psychotic?”

The Jordan Rich Show – WBZ – CBS Radio

Each year Jordan Rich graciously asks Para-Boston to appear on his show.  We are always happy and excited to be a part. Here are several years worth of shows for your listening pleasure!  Enjoy! The Jordan Rich Show – 2012 – Hour 1 The Jordan Rich Show – 2012 – Hour 2   TheContinue reading “The Jordan Rich Show – WBZ – CBS Radio”

Medium Can Equal a Large problem

As investigators of the paranormal we look for answers to the causes of claims of activity. We receive calls from people with claims that range from strange noises and feelings of being watched to full blown claims of demonic spirits that mean to do harm. We’ve developed various techniques for proving or debunking claims byContinue reading “Medium Can Equal a Large problem”

Red Flags in Paranormal Research – Beware of Bad Information

There is an overwhelming wave of dishonesty in the paranormal research community. It seems every other week there is someone new called out on fraudulent claims. Of course this isn’t anything new, but is it any surprise? For decades, the majority of proponents for paranormal research have blindly accepted whatever stories they’re told. Provided ofContinue reading “Red Flags in Paranormal Research – Beware of Bad Information”

Radio Head – Can we “hear” radio transmissions?

  Just over two years ago my sister told me that she had been hearing what sounded like a muffled radio playing at night when she was in bed. She said it sounded like a radio playing behind a wall. Sometimes playing music and sometimes just talk. The sound was muffled enough that she couldn’tContinue reading “Radio Head – Can we “hear” radio transmissions?”