Team members of Paranormal New England  have investigated hundreds of suspected haunted locations throughout Massachusetts, New England, and the United States. Some of these locations are listed below:

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary,
Aldworth Manor
American Stonehendge,
Assonet Ledge,
Bachelors Grove Cemetery,
Battle Road – Lexington,
Belchertown State School,
Big Round Top,
Birdcage Theater,
Blood Cemetery,
Bobby Mackey's,
Boothill Graveyard,
Bridgewater Triangle,
Bumpkin Island,
Cabot Theater,
Casa Blanca Inn,
Castaway Lounge,
Charlemont Inn,
Clarkeston Inn,
Clinton Train Tunnel,
Colonial Inn,
Concord MA,
Colonial House Inn,
Colonial Theater,
Connor's Farm,
Curtis House Inn,
Dana Town,
Dark Horse Tavern,
Dean Winthrop House,
Devil's Den,
Dighton Rock,
Dogtown Commons,
Dungeon Rock,
Eastern State Penitentiary,
Endicott Family Cemetery,
Everett Square Theater,
Farnsworth Inn,
Fernald State School,
Fort Constitution,
Fort Dearborn,
Fort Mifflin,
Fort Revere,
Fort Rodman,
Fort Stark,
Fort Warren,
Fort Wetherill,
Freetown State Forest,
Gallows Hill,
Gilson Cemetery,
George's Island,
Governor's Palace,
Hammond Castle,
Hawthorne Hotel,
Hilldale Cemetery,
Hill View Manor,
Hockomock Swamp,
Hoosac Tunnel,
Hotel Weatherford,
Houghton Mansion,
Howard Street Cemetery,
Jenny Wade House,
Little Round Top,
Lizzie Borden House,
Long Island Hospital,
Manresa Castle,
Metropolitan State Hospital,
Mount Washington Hotel,
North Burial Ground,
Ohio State Reformatory,
Old South Meeting House,
Oliver House,
Peach Orchard,
Pennhurst Asylum,
Pickering Wharf,
Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse,
Proctor's Ledge,
Profile Rock,
Queen Mary,
Rolling Hills Asylum,
Roosevelt Hotel,
Rutland Prison Camp,
USS Salem,
Sachs Covered Bridge,
Shanley Hotel,
Shirley Eustis House,
Silver Nugget Hotel,
S.K. Pierce Victorian Mansion,
Spider Gates Cemetery,
Sprauge Mansion,
Stepney Cemetery,
Stones Public House,
Tewksbury Hospital,
The Burying Point Cemetery,
Three Chimneys Inn,
Tilton Inn,
USS Salem,
Wachusett Village Inn,
Walker-Ames House,
Warren Tavern,
Waverly Hills Sanitarium,
Wayside Inn,
Westboro State Sanitorium,
Whistler House Museum of Art,
Whitney-Murdock House,
Wilson Castle


  1. Looking for a team of investigators willing to take a look at a house on the North Shore of Mass. I’ll need permission before anything can be finalized.


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