Did You Hear That? – Part 2

                  This is the second of three studies geared toward understanding the fallibility of human perception. Many researchers believe they are fairly adept at understanding what is said in their EVP recordings. Based on the results of the first segment of our study we have found people are accurate only 40% ofContinue reading “Did You Hear That? – Part 2”

Did You Hear That?

Many researchers feel fairly confident about their ability to identify the words being said in their EVP recordings. Unfortunately, paraedolia and apophenia play a very big roll in distorting the interpretation. To understand how big of a role it actually plays we created this EVP Perception test. We had members of our team create “EVP” recordingsContinue reading “Did You Hear That?”

The Science of EVP

Much of the research work I do involves the study and analysis of electronic voice phenomena (EVP). Mainly because I feel that this evidence presents the strongest case for the existence of paranormal activity. During my years of research, there has been a recurring discussion among the members of my field and that discussion dealsContinue reading “The Science of EVP”

Trigger Objects

Sometimes in paranormal investigating, the use of trigger objects are thought to be useful. A trigger object is an object either owned by the deceased person in question or something of their time period. The theory is that it may illicit activity, communication or perhaps the trigger object may move. It is also referred toContinue reading “Trigger Objects”