Conducting A Scientific Paranormal Investigation

“All scientific research originates because of either a curiosity or a need to solve a problem.” In the paranormal research field this basic guideline still rings true.  There are thousands of paranormal research teams in the world who claim to be scientific simply because they use electronic equipment and skepticism in their research, but the worldContinue reading “Conducting A Scientific Paranormal Investigation”

Don’t Believe Everything You Read Online.

For as long as there have been cameras, pictures of ghosts have swamped our newspapers, television programs, and over the internet.  Some of these pictures have been taken surprising the photographer, while others were maliciously made to trick you.   So how do you believe what’s real and what’s not? In the early days ofContinue reading “Don’t Believe Everything You Read Online.”

Rocks Will Remember….

A term heard often in paranormal field is The Stone Tape Theory.  Term was first coined in a BBC film of the same name. What is this theory, is there anything to it? I am Researching this because the inquiring mind wants to know.  This theory was first proposed in the 1970’s.  Hypothesis was, that in timesContinue reading “Rocks Will Remember….”

Paranormal ice cream?

Depending upon your beliefs, some people think that relatives who have passed on to the next world, come to assist loved ones pass on during their last moments here on earth. I am one of them. I work in a skilled nursing/ rehabilitation facility were people spend their last moment some times. I was toldContinue reading “Paranormal ice cream?”