Visions and Voices – Paranormal or Psychotic?

            by Michael J. Baker A belief in the existence of paranormal phenomena is quite common these days. It’s certainly not difficult to find television shows, movies or books touting some sort of paranormal theme nor is it hard to find alleged witnesses to these strange  occurrences. However some paranormal beliefs shareContinue reading “Visions and Voices – Paranormal or Psychotic?”

Red Flags in Paranormal Research – Beware of Bad Information

There is an overwhelming wave of dishonesty in the paranormal research community. It seems every other week there is someone new called out on fraudulent claims. Of course this isn’t anything new, but is it any surprise? For decades, the majority of proponents for paranormal research have blindly accepted whatever stories they’re told. Provided ofContinue reading “Red Flags in Paranormal Research – Beware of Bad Information”

Radio Head – Can we “hear” radio transmissions?

  Just over two years ago my sister told me that she had been hearing what sounded like a muffled radio playing at night when she was in bed. She said it sounded like a radio playing behind a wall. Sometimes playing music and sometimes just talk. The sound was muffled enough that she couldn’tContinue reading “Radio Head – Can we “hear” radio transmissions?”

Paranormal Illusions – Reality Check

The image above appears to be moving, but you know it isn’t. It’s a trick of the brain called the peripheral drift illusion. Many people have seen this and have no problem accepting that the image isn’t really moving. The image below is caused by the same peripheral shifting of the brain and makes itContinue reading “Paranormal Illusions – Reality Check”

Connors Farm Investigation

Video credit by: Casey Driscoll/ I was contacted on July 24, 2014 by Alexis (a Connors farm employee) who was seeking an investigation of the property at which she works (30 Valley Rd. in Danvers Massachusetts – Connors Farm). Alexis claimed that several employees have had uneasy feelings in various areas of the property and she hasContinue reading “Connors Farm Investigation”

Paranormal Research & The Scientific Method

In the world of paranormal research there is an ongoing debate as to the validity of this subject within the realm of true scientific study.  Many claim this to be a pseudo-science, some claim that it can’t be studied using science and others think it’s just plain outright hokum.  Well as a person who hasContinue reading “Paranormal Research & The Scientific Method”

Can DNA Teleport Itself using Electro-Magnetic Fields?

A Nobel prizewinner is reporting that DNA can be generated from its teleported “quantum imprint” A STORM of skepticism has greeted experimental results emerging from the lab of a Nobel laureate which, if confirmed, would shake the foundations of several fields of science. “If the results are correct,” says theoretical chemist Jeff Reimers of the University of Sydney, Australia,Continue reading “Can DNA Teleport Itself using Electro-Magnetic Fields?”

The McGurk Effect – You See What I’m Saying?

For many years I have been studying the perceptions of people. I do this to understand the limitations we face when witnessing or relaying our experiences to others. This activity is very common in paranormal research and knowing the pitfalls can certainly help. One of the interesting idiosyncrasies I have come across involves the impactContinue reading “The McGurk Effect – You See What I’m Saying?”

Why People Believe Weird Things

Why do people see the Virgin Mary on a cheese sandwich or hear demonic lyrics in “Stairway to Heaven”? Using video and music, skeptic Michael Shermer shows how we convince ourselves to believe — and overlook the facts. Michael Shermer debunks myths, superstitions and urban legends — and explains why we believe them. Along with publishingContinue reading “Why People Believe Weird Things”

Did You Hear That? – Part 2

                  This is the second of three studies geared toward understanding the fallibility of human perception. Many researchers believe they are fairly adept at understanding what is said in their EVP recordings. Based on the results of the first segment of our study we have found people are accurate only 40% ofContinue reading “Did You Hear That? – Part 2”