The Jordan Rich Show – WBZ – CBS Radio

Each year Jordan Rich graciously asks Para-Boston to appear on his show.  We are always happy and excited to be a part. Here are several years worth of shows for your listening pleasure!  Enjoy! The Jordan Rich Show – 2012 – Hour 1 The Jordan Rich Show – 2012 – Hour 2   TheContinue reading “The Jordan Rich Show – WBZ – CBS Radio”

Connors Farm Investigation

Video credit by: Casey Driscoll/ I was contacted on July 24, 2014 by Alexis (a Connors farm employee) who was seeking an investigation of the property at which she works (30 Valley Rd. in Danvers Massachusetts – Connors Farm). Alexis claimed that several employees have had uneasy feelings in various areas of the property and she hasContinue reading “Connors Farm Investigation”

Paranormal Review Radio – Paranormal Techniques

Friday, May 30th 10pm EST / 9pm CST / 7pm PST There are vast numbers of teams and individuals with so many different styles and techniques that sometimes it’s difficult to understand how they work. Michael J Baker produced the full length film 14 Degrees – A Paranormal Documentary. He spent years of extensive researchContinue reading “Paranormal Review Radio – Paranormal Techniques”

14 Degrees – A Paranormal Documentary

In 2007 myself and two great friends (then known as New Gravity Media) released our first full length documentary “14 Degrees”. The film which took two years to complete involved nearly 6000 miles of travel and investigations with dozens of teams across the northeastern U.S. This film, which now tops out at a whopping 2Continue reading “14 Degrees – A Paranormal Documentary”

The Misconception of Witches

Several years ago I had the great pleasure of interviewing a witches coven from upstate NY.  The sincerity and good hearted nature of the coven told me right away that unlike some of the “posers” that go around claiming to be witches, these folks are the real deal and on a path that spreads anContinue reading “The Misconception of Witches”