Fall Equinox

Merry Meet & Hello all.

It’s me Patricia. Just wanted to share info about our next Sabbat coming up quickly as in our book Wicca Whats the Real Deal… Fall Equinox.

Alternative Identification : Autumnal Equinox, Mabon. Northern Hemisphere: September 20th to the 23rd..as the equinox / solstice move & can end up on any one of these days. Southern Hemisphere. March 20th to 23rd. Sabbat type : Lesser Religious Meaning: As the daylight waned from Summer Solstice, once again all is in balance between light and dark on Autumnal Equinox. As promised in the defeat of the Oak King at Summer Solstice, the dark will once again “conquer” the light. This equinox marks the point of balance with day and night being equal. Symbolically, the powers of the growing and waning forces of nature are in a temporary state of equality before all of nature decays into darkness for winter. Witches thank the God and Goddess for the harvest, literally and symbolically.

This holiday is the Wiccan equivalent of Thanksgiving. It reminds Wiccans of their many blessings and the fortunate abundance found in all of nature. This same abundance is apparent again in the regeneration of nature as the cycle continues. The Witches’ Wheel of the Year signifies the seasons, the cycles of life, and Wiccans honor both. As the year has moved from Samhain to Fall Equinox, the year is soon ending and the yearly cycle will begin again with the arrival of Samhain. The Fall Equinox reminds Wiccans that while energy waxes and wanes throughout the year, it is also important to strive towards balance at all times. This is the height of the harvest time, when people harvest and store vegetables and grains for the long season ahead. Fall colors make great decorations for these rites, yellows, oranges, browns, and greens bring the energies of fall to the Wiccan altar.

Witches like to use colored leaves, pine cones, dried herbs, and other symbolic representations found right in the natural world such as grape vine wreaths and the flowers of summer in their dried forms, preserved and representing the endurance through the season ahead. Wiccans may choose season appropriate foods for their post ritual feasts. Practitioners, blessed with abundance, share the abundance with the community through works of charity, donations, and other means of giving back to society, although such actions are not solely for this time of year. Wiccans celebrate abundance, and then prepare for the season of reflection and challenges to come. Although the days begin to decrease in length after Summer Solstice, they have maintained longevity over nighttime up until the arrival of Fall Equinox, when both are temporarily equal, and then the nocturnal energies increase until Yule when the cycle will change once more.

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