The Summer Solstice

Merry meet & hello..its me again Patricia…I want to tell you about Summer Solstice. from our book Wicca Whats the Real Deal.

Summer Solstice  A solstice refers to the apparent distance between the earth and sun, marks the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere, and the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere. This day marks the zenith of light’s growth during the year; daylight has increased steadily since Winter Solstice, representing the growing energy of the God of nature. His growing power has developed and matured, sought union with the Maiden Goddess and now is at the height of masculine energy and power. At this time, the God as Holly King and Oak King re-emerge to battle for control again.

This time, the Holly King wins the battle and the world witnesses the decrease in daylight, symbolized by the defeat of the Oak King. In ancient times, as light decreased, the diminished  light was symbolically evident in the act of choosing a new leader or in rites of celebration where participants re-enacted the battles between the Oak and Holly King. Such reenactments were more pageant then serious battles however. During this season, all of nature has bloomed, fertility and abundance surround humankind, hopes and spirits are soaring with energy of prolonged daylight and growth. Witches realize as the cycle continues, just as the strong youthful Oak king is defeated by the older, wiser Holly King, so too will humankind begin the slow process of settling down and preparing for the dark season to return. At this time there is still time to reap the abundance of a fertile harvest before the arrival of winter.

The symbolic defeat of the Oak King carries the message that all of life changes and one will, at some point, lose their youth to old age, or one may at some point witness abundance giving way to scarcity, but these conditions are transient and part of the cycle of life. In the meantime, summer is in full bloom and Wiccans celebrate appropriately with decorations reminiscent of the beautiful bounty offered by the land. Some Wiccans will choose to celebrate outdoors, or at least will decorate their sacred space with flowers of summer, seashells, or other reminders of things they enjoy about the season. Rituals performed honor the height of the Sun God’s glory and strength, while acknowledging after this date the God will slowly wane in strength and return at Yule. Witches praise the Goddess at this season in Her guise as the Mother Goddess who, impregnated on Beltane by the God, symbolically brings life to all of nature through Her fertility and abundance.

Other rituals include attracting growth and abundance in the life of the practitioner, harnessing the heightened solar energy for works of healing, rituals to spark inspiration and hope, as well as honoring the maternal and paternal forces in nature. This is a time to reflect on the growing aspects of one’s life with hopefulness and gratitude. Hope you enjoyed more thing before I go…this year on Summer Solstice we begin the annual ritual called the Gathering…this ritual is to protect all the animals of earth from cruelty & neglect…we ask all people of earth to join their energies with ours to help in this end ever…Summer Solstice is on June 21st…please join us this is not just a pagan problem..its a world problem…we thank you in advance for your participation….blessed be..! So until next time..Merry part

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