The Mandala

Merry meet, & Hello …its me Patricia again…today I would like to talk about Mandalas…this is from our book..Sacred Objects, Sacred Space… The Mandala

The term mandala (pronounced mun- du-la) is Sanskrit meaning : totality of circle. Mandalas are drawings consisting of a circle with interior geometrical designs. A mandala can represent sacred space, the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the entire universe, and it is a symbol of completness. The term mandala also describes a Magick circle. You can create a mandala on any surface; the instant you do, you have established sacred space. Mandalas serve ad a visual stimulus during meditation practices; you can look at and contemplate the intricate designs, colors, and structure of a mandala. As you focus on a mandala your thoughts are focused on its design and all other thoughts or distractions subside.

As you create a mandala for yourself, your mind is focused on the visual experience, and the act of creation. Thus the use of mandalas proves an ideal tool for meditation since the use/creation of mandalas leads to a calmed and tranquil state. Mandalas can serve as a creative method for finding the solution to a problem or it can be used in healing practices. During the creation or coloring process you can concentrate on a question or concern. It is helpful to have a notepad or digital recorder nearby so you can note any inspirational ideas, potential solutions, or epiphanies you come up with…
Hope you enjoyed this. Till next time. Merry part till we Merry meet again.

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