The Magick of Colors

Merry meet its me Patricia …I want to talk about the magick of colors…taken from our second book. “Sacred Objects, Sacred Space… “

Red is associated with potency, lust, aggression, passion, motivation, power, strength, the life force, anger and the fire element. Also to self-confidence, survival, sexuality, courage, vigor, and self-esteem…also the root chakra. the mixture of yellow & red & therefore carries the subtle energies of both. Orange is the color used to attract something to u; this color should be used in moderation & intent to draw only positive energies…used to stimulate success. The act of overcoming obstacles. Associated with the sacral or second chakra

Yellow is associated with Air & Fire elements; thus this color had solar symbolism. Associated with communication, memory, vitality, mental clarity, psychic abilities, confidence, & creativity. Associated with the third chakra or solar plexus; it is therefore associated with alertness, intelligence, & wisdom. A moderate amount of yellow can elevate the mood, but too much can cause anxiety.

Green is associated with the element of earth. This colors magickal correspondence is fertility, abundance, growth, healing, nurturing, love, compassion, motherly energies, & the Divine feminine. Associated with the fourth chakra or heart chakra; thus, is associated with love of self & emotional as well as physical balance.

Blue is associated with the element of water; its magickal correspondences are emotions, the subconscious, dreams, the Divine feminine, healing, psychic abilities, & cleansing. Associated with the throat chakra or fifth chakra, therefore associated with wisdom & decision making tasks. Induces a sense of tranquility & calming.

Indigo. A mixture of blue & purple it carries the subtle energies of both; associated with Akasha or the combination of all the elements. Also the sixth chakra or third eye. This colors corresponds with psychic abilities, the subconscious & conscious mind, connecting to the divine. Also calming & tranquility.

Violet is associated with Akasha & its magickal correspondence include mysticism, the subconscious mind, the gateway of communication between self & the higher self, & divine communication. Associated with the crown chakra & is connected to psychic abilities, royalty, knowledge of self, & power.

White is associated with the east, & is a symbol of new beginnings, communication, purity, innocence, exorcism, divination, protection, & divine communication. Also associated with the Soul Star chakra just above the head.

Black is associated with North & Earth. Its magickal correspondence includes protection, repelling negative, healing, & balance. Associated with the Earth Star chakra just below the feet. This color is great for grounding…though to much can bring a depressive mood.

Brown. Associated with the North & Earth. Ideal for use in healing animals. Used for grounding & centering.

Gold & Silver…can be used to represent the masculine ( gold) & feminine divine ( silver). Hope you all enjoy a new way to look at colors.

Till next time Merry part till we Merry meet again


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