Is Reality TV Destroying Our Perceptions of Real Life?

Television today is full of shows from reality programs to police dramas. There are many shows on investigating paranormal activity and unfortunately the producers have too much of a hand on what happens. Yes, people I am saying that in order to keep the ratings up they fake or exaggerate the truth. Does this make good television? If so, for whom? Of course I am preaching to the choir. If you’re on this site you obviously have interest in the paranormal and or its investigation process.

My question is for the average Joe out there. Would you rather they find evidence every week knowing it’s faked or could you watch a program that they keep everything truthful knowing that most likely you’ve spent an hour of your time watching a paranormal team come up empty with their investigation? Does it make it more exciting when you hope that maybe, just maybe this week they see or hear something? Would it still be exciting knowing you’re not witnessing TRUE evidence?

Have all the shows out there taken the wind out of finding real evidence if every week they find something? Has it become one big yawn? I guess my one question became several but I’m curious what your views are?


5 thoughts on “Is Reality TV Destroying Our Perceptions of Real Life?

  1. For me it is too painful to watch! If I do tune in, it is to see where they are investigating only, I just cannot watch it anymore. There has been a trend recently that everything is an evil or negative entity too, this is also troubling to me…..


  2. It’s a shame the production companies have so much control over what happens. When I first started investigating, I was hoping to some day be on tv, but now I just can’t see myself sacrificing my integrity for the sake of the show.


  3. Truth is stranger than fiction from my experience. Yes, I would rather watch a show that isn’t staged for entertainment. It’s the process and historical backstory that interests me most. Why would the location have paranormal activity and what are some of the eye-witness accounts associated with the alleged haunting? Capturing actual evidence is rare in reality … so it’s literally impossible for the stuff we see on TV to actually be based on legit investigations.


    1. Perfectly stated Sam. How could staged activity ever compare to authenticity? I think for those who are honestly looking for the truth it simply doesn’t. For some, these “characters” on television have become mentoring icons who provide (vicariously of course) a sense of adventure and mystery that the curious population often craves. Many of their followers may be blindly denying the fallibility of their heroes to preserve that adventurous spirit in which they are invested. (unfortunate for us)


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