Show Me The Money !

I’ve thought a lot about the paranormal world lately. It makes me sad and sometimes angry to see all the scams that are going on.  Are we our own worst enemy? Have we allowed ourselves to be sucked in to the hype? TV shows tell us that there is activity everywhere and that you too could be experiencing phenomena. Gee, isn’t it funny how a certain paranormal TV show used to air episodes where they would debunk the claims and rarely find anything worth mentioning in their first season, but now they find multiple pieces of evidence every episode. Would it have anything to do with ratings (which equates to money), Hmm???  Or how about psychic’s? They are telling anyone who is willing to buy what they are selling, that they can communicate with late Aunt Pearl, all for the measly sum of $200.00 an hour. Its no wonder that a certain psychic who has a popular TV show, lives on Long Island and drives a Land Rover, Hmm? Or how about the  guy and his wife who bought a money pit of an old Victorian mansion in central MA and  charge admission to investigate their home. People line up with money in hand, waiting to get in and snap their very own picture of a full body apparition. Well at least that’s what the last TV show they were on said. Funny how that TV show was shot in Canada and not MA, Hmm??? Or how about the Hotel on the Cape that claims to have activity in a certain guest room. The story has it that the original owner was a sea captain. One day he sailed off only to never return and his wife’s ghost waits for him in that room to this day. Funny how that room number changes every time you call for a reservation.

I find it amazing that the haunted room is always available! It’s really nice that they quote you a special discounted rate too, funny how its $10.00 more than the sign in the lobby says, Hmm???  My favorite of all is the multi-million dollar Ghost Hunting Equipment Industry. There’s a multitude of boxes sold today that use electronics to allow a ghost or spirit to communicate with you. Funny how a spirit that passed away 50 years ago can manipulate today’s electronics. I’d be surprised if they could even turn on a TV.

Technology and science are advancing at a tremendous rate.  We are living in a society that is highly educated, but we are ALL susceptible to being scammed. I suppose if we want to believe bad enough, the wool can be pulled over our eyes. I must admit, I have been scammed! I believed! I spent my hard earned money! But hopefully I have learned something along the way. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I’ve got a box full of old ghost hunting equipment for sale, if you know anybody?

My real reason for writing this is to challenge everyone to be skeptical, and have fun with your paranormal research. That’s what Ghost Hunting really should be,  FUN! I do believe there is something to all of this, and hopefully someday, someone will figure it out!


7 thoughts on “Show Me The Money !

  1. I think it’s a cultural habit to equate cost with value. “If it costs a lot, it must be worth it” and that’s just wrong, value lies in functional purpose and use not in cost…cost is made up. How many thousands of dollars have been spent on completely bunk equipment with ZERO scientific foundation for what they claim to do? (cough GhostBox, cough Ovilus). How much money is poured into paranormal conventions to meet and listen people who have never contributed a single useful element to paranormal research? (I would “cough” here too but there are so many to mention people would think I had pneumonia lol).


    1. Hope you get over that nasty cough! I just hope that people keep questioning the motives behind the methods and supposed evidence that is presented by TV shows and alleged experts. Entertainment is one thing, but real research and investigation is another. I hope more people join the search for the answers instead of taking the entertainment industry’s answers as the truth.
      Yeah, we don’t have the answers yet but, the fun is in the search.


  2. There are a handful of paranormal people that are doing research not only looking for ghost. The paranormal researchers use Data Loggers and Senses to monitor the environment of a so called haunting.We have to listen to the clients claims, than prove there is something paranormal going on in the house. The senses will monitor the environment with temperature, barometric pressure, ions in the air, static electricity, EMF and many other factors in the environment.Use a Audio Spectrum Analyser for EVP analysis to see if it is a voice or just noise.

    We can monitor the environment to see what takes place in a haunting, no instrument can tell you if a ghost is present.

    The father of Data Logging and use of sensors Timothy Harte, website is

    Bill Ammells Tech Director


  3. Then you have staging, drama to break up all the boredom, the people that where here to help are now here to help themselves. Producing bogus software, and video equipment while faking evidence. Now they are as bad as the other actors that run around screaming at the shadows they are there to debunk if they even remember what that meant.


    1. I couldn’t agree more. Most of the work (for people with a legitimate investigation philosophy) is weeding out all of the the crap that television and greed/fame based methodologies injects. It’s such a waste of time.


  4. Maybe I am naive, but I do believe that some have the “gift”, and hope that they use it for the highest and greatest good. Unfortunately I feel most do get wrapped up in the ” show me the money” attitude. Believing they are the all knowing….it really is sad….I wish that we could somehow test this ability too, to prove it does exist that would be amazing!♥


    1. I agree some probably do. It’s a very small percentage. I also believe your born with the gift and can’t be taught from a book.

      Investigations today are far more advanced but nothing really has done anything to progress in the technology used. Of course there are seldom few Mr. Bakers out there with the know how. Until we can learn to keep pushing forward experimenting and researching and stop the repetition of using the trash we see them use on television, we will always get the few pieces of debunk able evidence. How else are we going to learn?

      Those who do try to advance in their technology and techniques are usually the same few who wouldn’t hidden their accomplishments and evidence from other groups and looking for the answers. These are the same few who know that it only benefits our goals by sharing with one another.


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