Celebrity Corner – Haunted White House


Many people over time have showed interest in, or have had, paranormal experiences. Some of these people are persons of notability such as actors, musicians, athletes, writers, and even politicians.  Although Para-Boston can not confirm nor deny their stories, they make for interesting, enjoyable reading. I hope you become as entertained by these stories as I was during my research.

The White House is not only one of the most historical buildings in America but did you know it is one of the most haunted? As President Harry Truman would say, “This place is haunted sure as shootin”.

Our shortest serving president, William Henry Harrison, died one month after his inauguration with pneumonia. Residents believe his ghost still haunts the White House attic. Located above the Oval Office, noise from the attic has been heard from several presidents. President Harrison is also not alone in the attic. In 1790, Mr. David Burns was forced to surrender his land so the White House could be built. A security guard working under President Truman heard a voice from the attic saying, I am David Burns.

The Rose Garden was planted by First Lady Dolly Madison in the early 1800’s and currently used to hold many presidential announcements. When First Lady Ellen Wilson asked that it be dug up, garden workers state that Madison’s ghost appeared and prevented it from happening.

The ghosts are not all of past presidents, First Ladies, or even people for that matter. The basement is said to be haunted by a demon cat. Those who have seen it reported that it looks like a kitten until you approach it. As you walk closer it turns into, what some would call, a phantom beast. The strangest part of this claim is it only appears right before a disaster. Once before the great stock market crash and again before President Kennedy’s assassination.

President Abraham Lincoln is said to haunt the residence section of the First Families. He is said to roam the halls and knocking on bedroom doors. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reported seeing him on occasion. Another residence ghost was that of First Lady Abigail Adams. President William Taft reported seeing her floating through a set of doors. Guests of the White House also reported seeing a ghost of a British soldier as he tried to set fire to their bed. Some assume he is the soldier that burned the White House down during the war of 1812. President Lyndon B. Johnson’s daughter claimed to have seen the ghost of Lincoln’s son Willie who died in the same room she had been sleeping.

The Yellow Oval Room has seen its share of paranormal activity. Numerous White House employees have claimed to see Lincoln gazing out the window. These claims were also Made by First Lady Grace Coolidge. First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln claimed to see the ghost of Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Tyler in this very same room.

The East Room has been a favorite haunt for Abigail Adams. She is seen en route to this room while looking as though she was carrying something. This claim was most abundant during the Taft Administration.

One of the most vocal haunts is that of Andrew Jackson. Employees have claimed to have seen and heard him in the Rose Room laughing and swearing violently. Other notable persons who have had such a claim were Mary Todd Lincoln and White House seamstress Lillian Parks.

Winston Churchill refused to sleep in Lincoln’s bedroom after witnessing Lincoln’s ghost standing near the fireplace. Other notable persons seeing him in this room were President Teddy Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, First Lady Jacque Kennedy, Ladybird Johnson, and the children of President Ford.

If President Clinton haunted the White House, what room do you think he would choose and would he be holding a cigar?


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