Psychics: Helpful or Harmful?

If you are a paranormal investigator, or you are interested in the paranormal, do you think a psychic should be used or consulted with?

Many claim to be psychic and really there is no way to prove or disprove if they are or are not. Claiming to be psychic is often a fast way to gain popularity, respect and sometimes money. I’ve been on investigations before with a self-proclaimed psychic who got the details of the case confused. She said she was doing an on-going communication session with the spirit of someone she referred to by name and that she was asking specific questions of this spirits and she was “receiving specific answers”. She even claimed to cross over the spirit. The problem was that she confused the details of two cases and was supposedly communicating with spirit A but was doing so in location B.

I would very much like to know what you think of psychics and what your experience has been.//

2 thoughts on “Psychics: Helpful or Harmful?

  1. Psychics & Mediums

    Mostly female claim they are Psychic or a Medium or both, I would say 98% of them are Charlatans, Frauds, Fakes, Quacks.They are looking for fame, respect, popularity, money, or all the above.Most want to join a paranormal team, so they try to impress the interviewers.

    There is a paranormal scientist that has developed a test, to test psychic and mediums.When a Psychic or Medium is getting information a EMF low frequency carrier wave appears that can be measured with the meter the scientist has invented.Now when the EMF low frequency carrier wave stops the information going to the psychic or medium stops also. Where this information is coming from no one knows, but there are many theories.
    The one theory I will go with is that the information is coming from outside our universe, a parallel universe through a portal or worm hole.

    This scienctist has tested the Psychic Jane Doherty from New York and she passed the test.The fake psychics and mediums will not like the test and will not submit to being tested, will be found to be charlatan.
    There are 2 so called psychics that the founder of the team i am on recruited, I am 100% scientific, no one knows what they are doing on this team, they do things they see on the paranormal shows.
    We had 15 people to investigate the Lawrence City Hall, the 2 so called psychics took the 15 people around the different floors and supposedly show them were the hot spots of paranormal activity was happening.
    I took aside a security guard that has been working at The Lawrence City Hall for the last 25 years, and she said she knew where the hot spots are for paranormal activity and that the 2 so called psychics did not have a clue just making up things as they went along, saying look over hear energy take pictures.
    So that is my stand on Psychics and Mediums


  2. I have had many experiences with psychics on investigations, many of them are exaggerated attention seekers. The psychic actions can be highly disruptive.
    I have worked with one gentleman, whom I use to work with and totally trusted, and results were there. I caught my fist evidence with him an EVP.
    He is humble and will not tell you about his “gift” until he trusts you.
    I still think that psychic have yet to be a proven thing, in my mind proof is through hard evidence, video audio, photo.


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