Samhain – Halloween – Summer’s End

Merry meet & hello…its me again, Patricia…I want to tell you about our next holiday. As in our book Wicca Whats the Real Deal. Samhain Alternative Identifications. Halloween, Summer’s end, Last Harvest. Northern Hemisphere October 31 & November 1.

Southern Hemisphere April 30 & May 1. Sabbat type, Greater. Religious Meaning: Samhain is the Wiccan New Year. In accordance with observation of the natural cycles, ancient Pagans noted that the darkness of late fall and early winter marked a crossing point between the abundance of summer and the harshness of the dark winter season.

The animals slaughtered in ancient times around Samhain would become the sustaining source of nourishment through the harsh winter. The date aligned with the timing between Fall Equinox and Winter Soltice, making it a cross quarter day. It is a gateway between the seasons of light and the seasons of darkness.

It was natural to associate the dark, cold, barrenness of winter with death, reflection, hibernation, and struggle; so, Samhain involves paying honor to the dead, the reflection on mortality, and the knowledge of harsh tests to come. Spiritually, this holiday is associated with death in its deified form, the Crone aspect of the Goddess. The Crone is ancient and holds much wisdom from her long journey. The Goddess is the Guardian of death and the afterlife, so this holiday is the practitioners celebration of her power as the season of death arrives. Witches honor The Crone in the way one would honor an elder or grandparent. Practitioners do not look upon the Crone aspect of the Goddess with dread, but do not take Her lightly.

By celebrating, Samhain, Wiccan’s recognize life is a never ending cycle and that one will eventually experience another chapter in their life journey when becoming elders. Honoring the Crone is a Wiccan’s way of recognizing the mortality of human beings and that every human being will one day face the final mystery, death. Wiccan’s believe that after death, rebirth awaits. The perception of death is that it is a gift. It is a necessary transition in one’s spiritual path. Thus, Samhain is a reminder that even in death all life is renewed.

As a gateway time or ” between time” Samhain is the day the veil between the worlds disappears and access to the spirit world is easiest. Rituals mark the New Year, as Witches have finished celebrating the abundance of harvest and look to starting the goals of the coming season anew. Scarcity may no longer be the reality today, but contemplation and honoring of the deceased, as well as the use of divination to prepare for the journey ahead remains typical practice on Samhain.

Where appropriate, sometimes practitioners light bonfires and offerings are left for both the deceased and the Divine. Sometimes practitioners will light candles to mark the path of those who have passed on. Witches decorate the altar with symbolic decor like jack-o-lanterns, pine cones, colorful leaves, and seasonally colored candles. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did sending it your way…have a Grand Samhain everyone…until next time..


Fall Equinox

Merry Meet & Hello all.

It’s me Patricia. Just wanted to share info about our next Sabbat coming up quickly as in our book Wicca Whats the Real Deal… Fall Equinox.

Alternative Identification : Autumnal Equinox, Mabon. Northern Hemisphere: September 20th to the 23rd..as the equinox / solstice move & can end up on any one of these days. Southern Hemisphere. March 20th to 23rd. Sabbat type : Lesser Religious Meaning: As the daylight waned from Summer Solstice, once again all is in balance between light and dark on Autumnal Equinox. As promised in the defeat of the Oak King at Summer Solstice, the dark will once again “conquer” the light. This equinox marks the point of balance with day and night being equal. Symbolically, the powers of the growing and waning forces of nature are in a temporary state of equality before all of nature decays into darkness for winter. Witches thank the God and Goddess for the harvest, literally and symbolically.

This holiday is the Wiccan equivalent of Thanksgiving. It reminds Wiccans of their many blessings and the fortunate abundance found in all of nature. This same abundance is apparent again in the regeneration of nature as the cycle continues. The Witches’ Wheel of the Year signifies the seasons, the cycles of life, and Wiccans honor both. As the year has moved from Samhain to Fall Equinox, the year is soon ending and the yearly cycle will begin again with the arrival of Samhain. The Fall Equinox reminds Wiccans that while energy waxes and wanes throughout the year, it is also important to strive towards balance at all times. This is the height of the harvest time, when people harvest and store vegetables and grains for the long season ahead. Fall colors make great decorations for these rites, yellows, oranges, browns, and greens bring the energies of fall to the Wiccan altar.

Witches like to use colored leaves, pine cones, dried herbs, and other symbolic representations found right in the natural world such as grape vine wreaths and the flowers of summer in their dried forms, preserved and representing the endurance through the season ahead. Wiccans may choose season appropriate foods for their post ritual feasts. Practitioners, blessed with abundance, share the abundance with the community through works of charity, donations, and other means of giving back to society, although such actions are not solely for this time of year. Wiccans celebrate abundance, and then prepare for the season of reflection and challenges to come. Although the days begin to decrease in length after Summer Solstice, they have maintained longevity over nighttime up until the arrival of Fall Equinox, when both are temporarily equal, and then the nocturnal energies increase until Yule when the cycle will change once more.



Merry meet again..its me Patricia…today I want to tell u about Lammas from our book..Wicca Whats The Real Deal…

Lammas – alternative identifications – Bread Harvest, Lughnasadh
Northern Hemisphere. – August 1st & 2nd
Southern Hemisphere…Febuary 1st & 2nd
Sabbat type – Greater Religious Meaning…

After Summer Solstice, one will find another Cross Quarter day before the final equinox of the year: This holiday also hark ens the beginning of early harvest, usually of fruit. The waning summer brings Lammas and the helps practitioners prepare for the coming of Autumn. The Goddess and God transitioning from the growth season into the harvest season is a spiritual parallel. There is a transition in nature as well as all of life begins to slow its pace and to prepare for winter. Rituals held at this time of year may call for the reflection on what the practitioner has spiritually “grown” this season and what may have been unintentionally brought to harvest; this reflection later results in the cleansing and purification in preparation for the harvest season.

This is also the time to begin giving thanks for the blessings of summer and the harvest. Witches decorate sacred space with markers of the season, and harvested plants or flowers, or herbs in preparation for drying. This is also a nice time to transition from bright colors of summer to more muted tones, although decoration depends also on personal preference. The Goddess and God, in the aspect of Mother and Father of nature, are developing into the Crone and Sage Divine aspects, and pratctitioners, aligned with the shifts of nature, are aware of the change in energies. Traditionally, this is an ideal time to take inventory of supplies, to harvest for the coming winter, and to prepare if the season fell short in providing a fruitful harvest. Magically, one can still take inventory of what they have or have not managed to cultivate in their personal life and the practitioner can use the personal/spiritual assessment to make adjustments so spiritual progress/ physical growth can be achieved.

Hope u enjoy this..until next time Merry part


The Summer Solstice

Merry meet & hello..its me again Patricia…I want to tell you about Summer Solstice. from our book Wicca Whats the Real Deal.

Summer Solstice  A solstice refers to the apparent distance between the earth and sun, marks the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere, and the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere. This day marks the zenith of light’s growth during the year; daylight has increased steadily since Winter Solstice, representing the growing energy of the God of nature. His growing power has developed and matured, sought union with the Maiden Goddess and now is at the height of masculine energy and power. At this time, the God as Holly King and Oak King re-emerge to battle for control again.

This time, the Holly King wins the battle and the world witnesses the decrease in daylight, symbolized by the defeat of the Oak King. In ancient times, as light decreased, the diminished  light was symbolically evident in the act of choosing a new leader or in rites of celebration where participants re-enacted the battles between the Oak and Holly King. Such reenactments were more pageant then serious battles however. During this season, all of nature has bloomed, fertility and abundance surround humankind, hopes and spirits are soaring with energy of prolonged daylight and growth. Witches realize as the cycle continues, just as the strong youthful Oak king is defeated by the older, wiser Holly King, so too will humankind begin the slow process of settling down and preparing for the dark season to return. At this time there is still time to reap the abundance of a fertile harvest before the arrival of winter.

The symbolic defeat of the Oak King carries the message that all of life changes and one will, at some point, lose their youth to old age, or one may at some point witness abundance giving way to scarcity, but these conditions are transient and part of the cycle of life. In the meantime, summer is in full bloom and Wiccans celebrate appropriately with decorations reminiscent of the beautiful bounty offered by the land. Some Wiccans will choose to celebrate outdoors, or at least will decorate their sacred space with flowers of summer, seashells, or other reminders of things they enjoy about the season. Rituals performed honor the height of the Sun God’s glory and strength, while acknowledging after this date the God will slowly wane in strength and return at Yule. Witches praise the Goddess at this season in Her guise as the Mother Goddess who, impregnated on Beltane by the God, symbolically brings life to all of nature through Her fertility and abundance.

Other rituals include attracting growth and abundance in the life of the practitioner, harnessing the heightened solar energy for works of healing, rituals to spark inspiration and hope, as well as honoring the maternal and paternal forces in nature. This is a time to reflect on the growing aspects of one’s life with hopefulness and gratitude. Hope you enjoyed this..one more thing before I go…this year on Summer Solstice we begin the annual ritual called the Gathering…this ritual is to protect all the animals of earth from cruelty & neglect…we ask all people of earth to join their energies with ours to help in this end ever…Summer Solstice is on June 21st…please join us this is not just a pagan problem..its a world problem…we thank you in advance for your participation….blessed be..! So until next time..Merry part


The Mandala

Merry meet, & Hello …its me Patricia again…today I would like to talk about Mandalas…this is from our book..Sacred Objects, Sacred Space… The Mandala

The term mandala (pronounced mun- du-la) is Sanskrit meaning : totality of circle. Mandalas are drawings consisting of a circle with interior geometrical designs. A mandala can represent sacred space, the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the entire universe, and it is a symbol of completness. The term mandala also describes a Magick circle. You can create a mandala on any surface; the instant you do, you have established sacred space. Mandalas serve ad a visual stimulus during meditation practices; you can look at and contemplate the intricate designs, colors, and structure of a mandala. As you focus on a mandala your thoughts are focused on its design and all other thoughts or distractions subside.

As you create a mandala for yourself, your mind is focused on the visual experience, and the act of creation. Thus the use of mandalas proves an ideal tool for meditation since the use/creation of mandalas leads to a calmed and tranquil state. Mandalas can serve as a creative method for finding the solution to a problem or it can be used in healing practices. During the creation or coloring process you can concentrate on a question or concern. It is helpful to have a notepad or digital recorder nearby so you can note any inspirational ideas, potential solutions, or epiphanies you come up with…
Hope you enjoyed this. Till next time. Merry part till we Merry meet again.


The Magick of Colors

Merry meet its me Patricia …I want to talk about the magick of colors…taken from our second book. “Sacred Objects, Sacred Space… “

Red is associated with potency, lust, aggression, passion, motivation, power, strength, the life force, anger and the fire element. Also to self-confidence, survival, sexuality, courage, vigor, and self-esteem…also the root chakra.

Orange..is the mixture of yellow & red & therefore carries the subtle energies of both. Orange is the color used to attract something to u; this color should be used in moderation & intent to draw only positive energies…used to stimulate success. The act of overcoming obstacles. Associated with the sacral or second chakra

Yellow is associated with Air & Fire elements; thus this color had solar symbolism. Associated with communication, memory, vitality, mental clarity, psychic abilities, confidence, & creativity. Associated with the third chakra or solar plexus; it is therefore associated with alertness, intelligence, & wisdom. A moderate amount of yellow can elevate the mood, but too much can cause anxiety.

Green is associated with the element of earth. This colors magickal correspondence is fertility, abundance, growth, healing, nurturing, love, compassion, motherly energies, & the Divine feminine. Associated with the fourth chakra or heart chakra; thus, is associated with love of self & emotional as well as physical balance.

Blue is associated with the element of water; its magickal correspondences are emotions, the subconscious, dreams, the Divine feminine, healing, psychic abilities, & cleansing. Associated with the throat chakra or fifth chakra, therefore associated with wisdom & decision making tasks. Induces a sense of tranquility & calming.

Indigo. A mixture of blue & purple it carries the subtle energies of both; associated with Akasha or the combination of all the elements. Also the sixth chakra or third eye. This colors corresponds with psychic abilities, the subconscious & conscious mind, connecting to the divine. Also calming & tranquility.

Violet is associated with Akasha & its magickal correspondence include mysticism, the subconscious mind, the gateway of communication between self & the higher self, & divine communication. Associated with the crown chakra & is connected to psychic abilities, royalty, knowledge of self, & power.

White is associated with the east, & is a symbol of new beginnings, communication, purity, innocence, exorcism, divination, protection, & divine communication. Also associated with the Soul Star chakra just above the head.

Black is associated with North & Earth. Its magickal correspondence includes protection, repelling negative, healing, & balance. Associated with the Earth Star chakra just below the feet. This color is great for grounding…though to much can bring a depressive mood.

Brown. Associated with the North & Earth. Ideal for use in healing animals. Used for grounding & centering.

Gold & Silver…can be used to represent the masculine ( gold) & feminine divine ( silver). Hope you all enjoy a new way to look at colors.

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To Be A Witch

Merry meet again, it me Patricia

Here’s something I really love, I hope u enjoy it…

To Be A Witch To be a witch, is to love and be loved.
To be a witch, is to know everything and nothing at all.
To be a witch, is to move among the stars while staying on Earth.
To be a witch, is to change the world around you, and yourself.
To be a witch, is to share and give, while receiving all the while.
To be a witch, is to dance and sing, and hold hands with the universe.
To be a witch, is to honor the Gods and yourself.
To be a witch, is to be magick, not just perform it.
To be a witch, is to be honorable or nothing at all.
To be a witch, is to accept others who are not.
To be a witch, is to know what you feel is right and good.
To be a witch, is to harm none.
To be a witch, is to know the ways of old.
To be a witch, is to follow the moon.
To be a witch, is to be one with the Gods.
To be a witch, is to study and learn.
To be a witch, is to be the teacher and the student.
To be a witch, is to acknowledge the truth.
To be a witch, is to live with the earth, not just on it.
To be a witch, is to be truly free !

Author unknown.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I. So until next time Merry part til we Merry meet again.


14 Degrees – A Paranormal Documentary

In 2007 myself and two great friends (then known as New Gravity Media) released our first full length documentary “14 Degrees”. The film which took two years to complete involved nearly 6000 miles of travel and investigations with dozens of teams across the northeastern U.S. This film, which now tops out at a whopping 2 hours and 16 minutes was intended to be a short film no longer than 15 minutes. However, after receiving interest from so many teams, we just couldn’t stop. Because of the overwhelming response the project was produced “backwards”. Instead of having a plan for a beginning, middle and end, we instead simply filmed everything and put the pieces together into a documentary format. The raw footage features over 275 hours of film footage and took 6 months in post production. Some popular names appear in the film such as John Zaffis, Steve Gonsalves and Keith Johnson. It was a first attempt that won us the 2008 Aegis film award. That film in it’s entirety is now available to the public for the low price of FREE. I hope you enjoy!


Natural Perspectives

Merry meet, its me again, Patricia..this is one of my favorites…

Goddess are you Real – Author unknown

A little child whispered, ” Goddess, speak to me.” and a meadow lark sang.but the child did not hear. So the child yelled, “Goddess, speak to me !”and the thunder rolled across the sky.but the child did not listen.the child looked around and said, “Goddess let me see you.”and a star shown brightly.but the child did not notice.and the child shouted, “Goddess, show me a miracle !” and a life was born.but the child did not know. So the child cried out in despair, “touch me Goddess, and let me know you are here !”where upon the Goddess reached down and touched the child…but the child brushed the butterfly away and walked away unknowingly.

So, don’t miss out on the signs, because they may come in a form differently then expected.

Hope u enjoyed this Merry part til we Merry meet again


Butt Prints in the Sand

Merry meet, it’s me again Patricia. Here’s one of my favorites…author unknown…

Butt Prints in the Sand:

One night I had a wondrous dream, one set of footprints there was seen.
The footprints of the Goddess they were, but mine were not upon the shore.
But then some stranger prints appeared, and I asked Her, what have we here ?
These prints are large and round and neat, but much to big to be from feet
“my child”, She said in somber tones, ” for miles I carried you alone. I challenged you to walk in faith, but you refused and made me wait”.

“You would not learn, you would not grow, the walk of faith you would not know. So I got tired, I got fed up, and there I dropped you on your butt “.

“Because in life there comes a time, when one must fight and one must climb. When one must rise and take a stand, or leave your butt prints in the sand “.

Hope you enjoy this it always makes me smile..until next time Merry part til we Merry meet again


The Misconception of Witches

Several years ago I had the great pleasure of interviewing a witches coven from upstate NY.  The sincerity and good hearted nature of the coven told me right away that unlike some of the “posers” that go around claiming to be witches, these folks are the real deal and on a path that spreads an interesting and positive message.

I was very impressed with how embedded their beliefs were into their psyche and how knowledgeable they were with all aspects of their religion and way of life.  Their purpose was to teach about the popular misconception of witches. To spread the word that they stand for harmony with the Earth and all of her creatures. Their sincerity impressed me so much I made a short film to let them say their piece.  Patricia Gardner (the coven’s high priestess) is now one of our contributing writers, still spreading knowledge and the good message of peace and just like the fascinating coven I met back in 2005, the message she sends is still something I can stand behind.

I’m not a witch and I’m not a religious person, but the belief that life should be lived in peace and respectful of life and the Earth is certainly one that inspires me.


The Magick Moon

Merry meet again, its me Patricia, I would like to talk about the moon phases and the kind of magick done on each one. There are four phases of the moon, and each one corresponds with an aspect of the Goddess, a season, element, and direction.

The first phase is the Waxing moon. The aspect of the Goddess is the Maiden,the season is spring,the element is air, and the direction is east. The magick done at this time is for new beginnings, such as new job, new home, new love, and new adventure etc. The candles on the alter and for that type of magick are white or yellow.

The second phase is the Full moon. The Goddess aspect is the Mother, the season is summer,the element is fire, and the direction is south. This phase is for any and all forms of magick and the color is red on the altar. What kind of magick will depend on what color you use..but add a red one for power.

The third phase is the Waning moon. The Goddess aspect is the Crone, the season is Fall, the element is water, and the direction is west, and the color is blue. The magick done on this phase is for endings…ending bad habits, relationships etc. This is also the direction of the Summerlands where spirit goes to cross-over, so communication with them is done in this direction.

The fourth phase, and the one most misunderstood. Called new moon/dark moon/ no moon. At this time the moon is veiled from view. The Goddess aspect is the Dark Crone, the season is Winter, the element is earth, and the direction is north. This is the time to go within for answers you need, introspection, and contemplation. The only magick done on this phase is defensive magick…any other kind usually back-fires or just doesn’t work…the candles for this corner on the altar are green, brown, or black.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it ..until next time Merry part till we Merry meet again..


Beltane – The Festival of Fire & Fertility

Merry meet! I’m Patricia Gardner, High Priestess of the Dragon Warriors of Isis and I would like to share some information about pagan/wiccan beliefs.

Let me tell you about Beltane:

Beltane / May day is the 1st and 2nd of May. Known as a Greater Sabbat/holiday. It is a fire and fertility festival. Back in the day, ( though some covens still do ) they would dance around the Maypole. Its a fertility rite for life and crops. To us it is also known as The Great Rite, or the marriage of the Goddess and God. So, from vernal/spring equinox till the end of April, some of us talk to the plants and trees to wake them up so they will be dressed in all their glory for the marriage.

From midnight the night before until after ritual we fast to purify ourselves before entering circle.unless you have a medical reason or are to young to fast.This Sabbat is to celebrate new life, and to bless the land for the crops that year. We try to have it outside so we can have a bonfire. It is also to celebrate the marriage and new life to come from that union. During ritual we also have whats called libation. This is usually bread dipped in herbs and oil and sparkling cider.though some covens use wine or mead.

The ritual consists of thanking the Goddess and God for our bounty and blessing received, and those to come. Our rituals are to celebrate life and the turning of the wheel, also called the wheel of the year.which means the changing of the seasons.

Next month I will tell you about Summer Solstice. So..until then …Merry part til we Merry meet again.