Much of the Paranormal investigation & Research we do relies on the input and participation of people like you. Through surveys, experiments and other forms of data gathering we can work to establish real world statistics regarding this unusual phenomenon.  The results of our work can be found on our sister blog “The Pierian Element” (which is still under going development), but several of the data engines that drive our results can be found here.  Listed on this page is host of experiments, surveys and other interesting items that may fascinate and inform you, while helping us do our thing.  Thank you for taking the time to participate in our research.


This test contains questions about common items that are seen or have been seen as part of daily life. Though some of these answers may seem obvious, not all of the people who take this test score 100%.  Our goal is to gain better statistical information about the elements of observation and their effect on our research.

Observation Study

This survey helps us understand what people believe an EVP really is. By taking this short survey you can help us in this fundamental element of our research.  Our hope is to monitor the changes in belief and theories over time to document how the perception changes as time passes.

EVP Perception Survey

Many researchers feel fairly confident about their ability to identify the words being said in their EVP recordings. Unfortunately, paraedolia and apophenia play a very big roll in distorting the interpretation. A lack of context can also be an object in determining what’s being said.  To understand how big of a role all of this actually plays we created this EVP Perception test. We had members of our team create “EVP” recordings (yes fake ones). The reason for this was that we now KNOW 100% what is being said (or not) in the test file. Volunteers then listen to these files and see if they can identify the audio and we are able to determine if they are correct or not and how often. Give it a try, see how you do!

EVP Perception Study 1A (Off line)

Currently our EVP Perception Study has finished it’s initial round. The results can be seen here.  We will begin phase two of this research in the summer of 2015 so please be sure to check back.


Many people in the fortean research field today utilize many forms of ITC. Devices such as Spirit Boxes, Shack Hacks, Franks Box and the Ovilus have become very popular in recent years.  We feel as though these devices rely on several natural phenomena to “fool” the user into experience simulated intelligence.  The detailed findings of this research will be reported on the PE Blog, but one of the elements I have used in the analysis is special tool I created called the “Probability Speaker”.  This software based tool will randomly generate over 1000 words.  The same words found in the popular ITC device “Ovilus”.  When you open this link you will see numbers randomly generating every second. When a number is chosen in a certain range the tool will pick a random word from the 1000 words in the word bank.  If you leave this device running while doing other things you will see that by pure chance the words can start to describe your environment or identify things that are familiar to you.  This demonstrates that the Ovilus and other similar devices produce their results in the very same way. Random chance.   The chance of random words making sense in your life is better than you think.  Try it out:

Ovilus Simulation – Probability Speaker

The EVP Probability Tool  works on the same principles as the Probability Speaker (above).  May people believe that because they get an intelligent sounding response to an EVP question, that the source of the response must be intelligent.  We do not see any significant evidence of this beyond the laws of probability.  If I were to go to a busy restaurant and say the word “Red” over and over again. The likelihood that my word will answer some random restaurant goer in the next few hours is actually quite good.   Therefore, if we are recording words without context, there is very good chance they will answer our questions with some regularity.  The tool below takes 65 real EVP questions and randomly pairs them with hundreds of real EVP responses. You may be surprised at how often a random question matches a random response:

EVP Probability

Do you know of a haunted location or  have you experienced a haunting yourself? Tell us about it, your input will help our research. The majority of our research begins with people like you who have had some strange experience with the paranormal. By submitting an active location we may quite possibly be able to correlate key elements of numerous other experiences around the globe to hopefully, one day, shed some light on this ghostly phenomena.

Submit a haunted location


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  1. im absolutley fasinated with phyisics/dark matter/anti matter.and also paranormal activity!.
    As like everyone else out there i have a tone of questions about paranormal activity,things like you always here storys personel testamonies from people who have seen the holy grail! a full body apparition !then you get the teams going in with all there high tech low tech gear of varying quality standards,some go for the medium route,others go for the tech approach.But never catch one on film!my thought on the matter is that the ghost’s actually know when to show!.Now if i were going to do an investigation i would go down the high tech route but do it in away that the ghosts wont know!how?you go in in the day as normal visitors,just come for a chat and listen to some music but through out the stay secretly place the camaras in the hot spots,and also i would have a top of the range camara that can see that very low light freq that infer red cant see on my head facing forward and back,all memebers would.i think if you could use some of the technology they use to detect dark matter i think there is a possiblity you could see these ghosts,as dark matter/nutrenos pass through us a billion times asecond and we dont feel a thing,what if ghosts are made of the same stuff dark matter!and i think also that you cant just become a ghost you only become a ghost if you have not been truley forfilled,or have died in a violent way,or was more emotional than the average person!i hope ive given you a different veiw on what i think its about.

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