Merry meet again..its me Patricia…today I want to tell u about Lammas from our book..Wicca Whats The Real Deal…

Lammas – alternative identifications – Bread Harvest, Lughnasadh
Northern Hemisphere. – August 1st & 2nd
Southern Hemisphere…Febuary 1st & 2nd
Sabbat type – Greater Religious Meaning…

After Summer Solstice, one will find another Cross Quarter day before the final equinox of the year: This holiday also hark ens the beginning of early harvest, usually of fruit. The waning summer brings Lammas and the helps practitioners prepare for the coming of Autumn. The Goddess and God transitioning from the growth season into the harvest season is a spiritual parallel. There is a transition in nature as well as all of life begins to slow its pace and to prepare for winter. Rituals held at this time of year may call for the reflection on what the practitioner has spiritually “grown” this season and what may have been unintentionally brought to harvest; this reflection later results in the cleansing and purification in preparation for the harvest season.

This is also the time to begin giving thanks for the blessings of summer and the harvest. Witches decorate sacred space with markers of the season, and harvested plants or flowers, or herbs in preparation for drying. This is also a nice time to transition from bright colors of summer to more muted tones, although decoration depends also on personal preference. The Goddess and God, in the aspect of Mother and Father of nature, are developing into the Crone and Sage Divine aspects, and pratctitioners, aligned with the shifts of nature, are aware of the change in energies. Traditionally, this is an ideal time to take inventory of supplies, to harvest for the coming winter, and to prepare if the season fell short in providing a fruitful harvest. Magically, one can still take inventory of what they have or have not managed to cultivate in their personal life and the practitioner can use the personal/spiritual assessment to make adjustments so spiritual progress/ physical growth can be achieved.

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