Eastern State Penitentiary


Eastern State Penitentiary, one of America’s scariest prisons, lies in the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Opening in 1829, inmates not only faced punishment in solitary confinement, but spiritual enlightenment as a way to repent for their crimes.  The most famous inmate of all was none other than Al Capone who’s cell is recreated today.  After falling into a state of disrepair, the prison was closed in 1971.  Today, one can travel to Philadelphia for both guided and self-guided tours of this massive, haunting structure.

This site has been a featured investigation on many paranormal shows and has become a popular destination to investigators.

On May 15, 2011, it was our turn.  We made our way to the site earlier in the afternoon and were able to roam the grounds free of charge to get a lay of the land.  The helpful staff even told us there were areas that normal tours never went in.  We returned that evening setting up our DVR system in the Rotunda with cameras pointing into each cell block.  We proceeded to break up into two teams of three along with a tour guide to explore the grounds that already had a creepy look in broad daylight, but looked much more ominous at night.  We spent the next few hours investigating with much passion and enjoyment.  Unfortunately, aside from bats flying around, there was no activity to report.  It’s a great bucket list location for any investigator.

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