Why we shouldn’t ban elephants in Kerala temples

IMAGE: Elephants undergoing medical tests before the Thrissur Pooram festival in Kerala. All photographs:

After the unfortunate incident at the Kollam temple on Sunday, in which 109 people lost their lives, the campaign to ban elephants and firecrackers in temples may get a fillip.

In 2014, I attended one of India most spectacular festivals, the Thrissur Pooram. stringere la pelle This festival is all about elephants, their ornaments, percussion rhythm, parasol (umbrellas of different designs and colors), friendly contest between two temples and fireworks.

A couple of days before the festival started, I saw numerous elephants going through extensive medical check up in the grounds of the Sree Vadukkunnathan Temple. The findings were dutifully recorded. Surprised, I casually asked one of the officers what was it all about. He said only the elephants which were certified to be medically fit could take part in the festival. Earlier in the day, I saw elephants being given a bath.

I was even more taken aback to see an exhibition of elephants’ ornaments. Heard of ornaments for women, but elephants! A local told me that elephants were loved, revered and cared here, so what was wrong in making them wear ornaments.

IMAGE: Ornaments wore by elephants: Aalavattam, circular shields on top, Venchamaram, white flowing tufts in the middle, and Nettipattam, golden colour face masks on the bottom, are displayed, along with other ornaments, before the festival.

Notable among the ornaments were Aalavattam, a special decorative circular shield or fan made of peacock feathers held atop the elephants; Venchamaram, white flowing tufts used to fan the Thidambu, decorated image of the deity, atop the elephants in ceremonial processions; and Nettipattam, golden colour face mask worn by the elephants.

On the day of Pooram, a procession of elephants is taken out and percussion artistes walk in the procession from Thiruvambady Bagavathy Temple, among others, to the Sree Vadukkunnathan Temple. All through the journey, I saw locals bowing to the elephants, taking their blessings and keeping lots of goodies for them to eat.

Hailing from North India, I was unable to relate to so much affection for elephants. As the festival progressed, I too started loving the elephants.

During the festival, I never saw elephants getting violent except when a tourist pinched an elephant to provoke response.

IMAGE: Devotees offer fruits and vegetables to elephants in the procession.

On the day after Pooram, I visited the Sree Bharatha Temple where percussion artistes were playing. There, I saw a van on which Emergency and Critical Care Unit was written. Do we have such vans for human beings outside political rallies or rock concerts? It showed people concern for this loving creation of God.

I also saw elephants in many temples of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Everywhere, their blessings were sought by the devotees.

All this love for elephants reminded me of the movie Jungle Book, in which elephants are given maximum respect. Hope we do not overreact to the use of elephants in temple festivals, lest we should have to take a U turn later when the West takes to elephants in a big way, just like Indians started giving importance to yoga only after it became popular in the West.

IMAGE: Emergency care unit for elephants kept ready at the festival venue.

Fireworks take place in huge grounds of the Sree Vadukkunnathan Temple. During the fire display, the organisers make strict arrangements everyone has to stand at a good distance and they also monitor the event carefully.

However, there will be mishaps due to negligence, for which the guilty should be punished and preventive measures should be taken.

Indians did not stop flying after the 1990 A320 crash in Bangalore or the bombing of an Air India flight to Toronto in 1985 and travelling by train after numerous rail accidents.

Likewise, we should not take a decision to ban elephants in temple festivals in a haste. Rather, the security arrangements should be made stronger to prevent loss of lives.


Wilson needs an energy dome to complete his look

POSTGAME NOTES: Jonathan Sanchez offers bold bulletin board material to Padres, Freddy Sanchez struggles, Venters impresses, Wilson needs an energy dome to complete his look

Posted on August 8, 2010 by

To wit: Sanchez has posted back to back quality starts just once this season, and that came way back on April 14 and 20. He had a few lapses in concentration while allowing four runs in four innings of Sunday’s loss at Turner Field.

Yet Sanchez really opened eyes with his comments after today’s game.

“We are going to make the playoffs,” cheap jerseys Sanchez said, without an ounce of prompting.

Asked again, for clarification, if he was guaranteeing the Giants will make the playoffs, Sanchez said, “Yeah, we will.”

“San Diego has been winning series all year. But we’re going to play San Diego now and we’re going to beat them three times. If we get to first place, we’re not going to look back.”

It’ll be up to Sanchez to back up his talk. His next start will come Friday, when the first place Padres begin their showdown series at AT Park. Maybe this is his way of narrowing his focus. But if it’s a motivational tactic for him, just wait till the Padres get a load of his bulletin board material. Here’s guessing they’ll be motivated, too.

Reminded that the Padres beat the Giants in seven of eight games prior to the All Star break, Sanchez said, “That was a long time ago. Doesn’t matter. We’ve got a better team now.”There’s a lot about both Sanchezes, Jonathan and Freddy, in the game story and notebook that I just filed. (Please check back later today, when they should hit the Web.)

Freddy was bumped down from second to seventh in the order and made no bones about it. While I’m sure you’d rather see him start pumping out three hit games, it’s at least refreshing to see a player take responsibility for underperforming. We’ve had too many guys here recently who have refused to do so.

Look for Freddy’s comments in the notes. Here’s one that got trimmed:

“(Andres) Torres is getting on base like a madman, then you’ve got (Aubrey) Huff and Buster (Posey) swinging the bat, he said. the man in the middle and I’m not getting the job done. I need to step up, basically.”If the Giants are going to make a move on the Padres, now would be a good time. The Pads are going back to Petco Park, but only for three games against the Pirates. Then it’s back on the road to AT Park and onward from there.

Sandoval wasn’t playing off the line, either the latest alarming evidence that the 23 year old is slowing down.

Bochy said the ball had “just enough” to get past Sandoval. Then Bochy shifted discussion to the 90 degree heat and humidity.

“We had some long innings and it catches up with you,” Bochy said. “We didn’t have many crisp innings early.”

Braves left hander Jonny Venters came into today’s game with a 3 0 record and 1.13 ERA in 50 games. Opponents were hitting .168 against him. Then he got a double play grounder to tamp down a rally in the sixth.


Sænke dit højt kolesteroltal gennem kost Management og højt kolesterolniveau i fortiden

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Alle de ovennævnte fremstilling fornøjelser fødevarer skal afskaffes fuldstændigt, absorberes i en lille mængde, eller tilpasset på en sådan måde, at kolesterol / mættet fedt er elimineret. Et eksempel kunne være at spise 4 æg hvide vine i stedet for to æg. Den blommen indeholder alle kolesterol, så ved at afskaffe det, du nu har taget en fødevare, der er kendt for at give anledning til forhøjet kolesterol og gøre det til en, der rent faktisk lavere kolesterol dele.

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I call Honor for the fifth time and for the fifth time she totally blanks me

Mr. Kevin R. Smith is Vice President Sales and Marketing of Lannett Company, Inc. For over 40 years, Pirelli has each year given carte blanche to a great photographer to immortalise the most beautiful women in the world. When it started, the idea was simply to create a great gift to motivate the sales force! Today the Pirelli calendar has become a lavish collectors’ item and, at the same time, a symbol of our company. Each year this authentic work of art acts as a sort of barometer, measuring how the image of femininity is evolving in our century.

I’m sad to see three area boutiques set to close this time of the year: B. Younique and Ruffles in Brighton and Suzanne’s in Pittsford, which has already closed. Being a small retailer is a challenge these days with the Internet cutting into your sales.

I call Honor for the fifth time and for the fifth time she totally blanks me.outletmk http://www.outletmk.top She’s supposed to be in school in, like, 15 minutes time, but she’s obviously acting up because Sorcha has gone away for a few days, leaving the Rossmeister in chorge. I roll my eyes and trudge up the stairs, bracing myself for the inevitable screaming match, hoping she doesn’t say anything too hurtful to me..

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Plus, the mall is expanding its luxury Colonnade Outlets area by 40,000 square feet. New stores in that wing will include the first outlets in the area for designers Diane Von Furstenberg and Robert Graham. Some existing stores such as Prada and Giorgio Armani General Store also will relocate to the wing..

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Wie soll man nun als Medienanbieter im anbrechenden Zeitalter der kostenlosen digitalen Kopie, der gleichzeitigen Verfgbarkeit von Quellen und der moderne Hardware abgerundete kosysteme sinnvoll Stellung beziehen? So lautet eine der groen ungeklrten Fragen, deren oft mehr hilflose Beantwortungsversuche zu mehr oder weniger guten Apps, ein paar semi interaktiven Datenvisualisierungen und dem Rumprobieren mit semi neuen Formaten, Facebook Seiten und Twitterlisten gefhrt haben. Beantwortet ist die Frage noch nicht. Der Status Quo lautet: Demos not Memos.


Le cadeau de Noël Bureau Droit Echange Jeux de tous les temps

Est-il difficile de penser que quelques-uns des jeux passionnants d’échange de cadeau pour le bureau pendant toutes saisons à tous? jeux populaires qui sont souvent joués par les gens de bureau comprennent Santa secrète et blanc échanges de cadeaux d’éléphant. La raison derrière sa popularité est due à l’amusement et l’excitation attachée aux jeux et, par conséquent, l’essence même de jouer à ces jeux d’échange de cadeau serait d’énoncer les règles claires de jeux. En ce qui concerne les jeux de bureau, les jeux Secret Santa ont été si populaire que de nombreuses variétés et variations ont été ajoutés à eux. Pour une torsion d’amusement, l’une des variantes les plus intéressantes de ce implique tous les participants de faire une liste de souhaits pour Santa connue sous le nom de la liste du Père Noël. La façon d’y arriver serait de spécifier une limite de dollar sur le présent pour échanger et les articles qui sont écrits dans les participants respectifs listes de Santa doivent contenir des éléments qui sont disponibles à cette limite de dollar ou moins.Canada Goose:outlet,jackets,parka,doudoune,manteau,online http://www.goosesale.top Toutes les listes de Santa seront stockés dans un chapeau ou une boîte de sorte que chaque participant devra établir une liste et préparez-vous à faire du shopping pour cette personne. Alors que les destinataires des cadeaux ne sauront pas qui sera le shopping pour leurs listes, le participant (shopper) saura la personne (bénéficiaire) qui ils seront shopping pour. Le Secret Santa doit faire en sorte qu’ils restent secrètes lors de la remise du don aux bénéficiaires dans le bureau ce jour-là. Le décideur des jeux peut décider soit de permettre au participant de signer ou initiale sur le don ou ne pas laisser de traces du tout. Alors que le premier va créer un sentiment d’anonymat chez l’autre, la personne de choisir celui-ci peut signer le cadeau s’ils aiment à envoyer et recevoir les messages de remerciement à l’autre pour leurs dons. Blanc échange de cadeaux d’éléphant a été l’un des jeux les plus populaires de bureau jamais quand il vient à des échanges de cadeaux pour toutes les célébrations festives. Chaque jeu varie dépend de la taille du bureau et le nombre de participants impliqués. La règle générale prévoit que chaque participant à l’achat d’un don de certaine valeur qui peut être décidé d’avance par le chef de service. Le thème du don doit être amusant et divertissant de la valeur. Par conséquent, un élément qui est particulièrement prévisible et trop pratique est pas un idéal.

Dans ce jeu d’échange de cadeau, chaque participant recevra un nombre qui est équivalent au nombre d’un des cadeaux apportés par tous les participants pour ce match. Ce numéro sera tiré au sort parmi tous les autres à partir d’une boîte, un chapeau ou autre chose utilisé pour contenir ces chiffres. Le jeu, donc, commence par personne qui établit le nombre chanceux 1 qui initie en choisissant un cadeau pour lui ou elle-même. Après l’ouverture de la présente, il ou elle peut le conserver, mais tout don ouvert dans les règles de ce jeu sera soumis à voler par d’autres participants. Quand il vient à la personne qui tire le numéro 2, il y a deux options se trouvant en face de cette deuxième personne. Il ou elle peut soit dérober le premier cadeau de la première personne ou choisir d’ouvrir un cadeau différent. Gardez à l’esprit que tous les cadeaux ouverts même si peuvent être potentiellement volés par personne; ces dons ne peuvent être volés jusqu’à un maximum de trois fois. Les participants doivent donc être invités à réfléchir à deux fois avant d’ouvrir le cadeau à moins qu’ils sont très sûrs qu’ils ne veulent pas de voler d’autres cadeaux et prendre la décision de conserver leurs choix de cadeau. Comme chaque participant procède à leur tour dans le jeu, chacun d’entre eux recevront un cadeau après que tous leurs tours. La première personne à ouvrir le cadeau sera la dernière personne qui a la chance de voler un cadeau qu’ils souhaitent pour, à la fin du jeu comme il ou elle n’a pas accordé une telle chance plus tôt dans l’échange de cadeaux. Dans ce jeu, il y a toujours un cadeau que tout le monde veut et va voler encore et encore. Ce qui le rend amusant essaie de comprendre qui va obtenir le cadeau le plus convoité. Dans certains cas, les gens peuvent se retrouver avec le don qu’ils ont apporté. Le but du jeu de l’éléphant blanc est de donner la possibilité aux gens de regift quelque chose qu’ils reçoivent d’autres personnes, mais qui ne veulent pas ou aiment garder. Par conséquent, il peut y avoir des options d’ouverture pour les participants que pour apporter quelque chose qu’ils souhaitent regift ou d’acheter un nouveau cadeau avec une valeur prédéterminée .


Don’t Believe Everything You Read Online.

For as long as there have been cameras, pictures of ghosts have swamped our newspapers, television programs, and over the internet.  Some of these pictures have been taken surprising the photographer, while others were maliciously made to trick you.   So how do you believe what’s real and what’s not?

In the early days of photography there have been popular pictures of apparitions such as “The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall”.   This particular photograph can be duplicated after a few tries by a mere smudge of Vaseline on the lens or perhaps double exposure. We may never know the true story behind the picture.

Other pictures thru the years were taken unexpectedly and found apparitions, orbs, streaks of light, and the list goes on.  Usually it’s caused by inexperience of the photographer on proper use of cameras. Allowing too much light or not enough in the camera, slow shutter speeds, and as simple as not using a tripod.  I urge you all to search our website for more information on this. It’s quite fascinating!

Today’s technology offers so much more to our photographs than we could ever thought was possible ten years ago.  There are so many apps and digital options on our iPhones and cameras that purposely allow you to fake pictures taken to look like ghost.

Fake ghosts are a lot more agreeable than real ones. You don’t have to worry that your fake ghost is going to go floating off through a wall, leaving nothing but a puddle of ecto-plasmic goo behind for you to slip in. Fake ghosts do what you tell them to do, because they’re fake. That makes photographing them infinitely more enjoyable, and a lot less scary. If ghosts actually exist,  do you think they are only found in cemeteries, basements and other spooky areas these pictures portray?  Why haven’t  we not gotten more pictures in amusement parks or other areas that are more of a happy setting?

Before you ooh and aah the pictures posted online getting thousands of hits, ask yourself if this picture has the settings to make you believe it could be faked and how could it have been done.  Ask someone more knowledgeable and credible to give you the right answer.



Woodbridge teens accused of mowing down geese in road

Photo of vehicle just before it struck a Canada goose in Woodbridge last month.(Photo: Courtesy of the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

Story HighlightsTwo boys, students at Colonia High School, are accused of killing Canada geeseOne boy allegedly drove over the geese in the street while the other videotaped the incidentThe video was shared on social media

WOODBRIDGE Two teenaged boys, students at Colonia High School, are facing charges connected to allegedly running over a family of Canada geese last month, killing at least one.

The charges, filed by the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in New Brunswick,Canada Goose online http://www.icanadagoosereview.top/ accuse the 17 year olds of intentionally killing the animals.

According to the NJSPCA, around June 8, the boys, both juniors, allegedly made a plan to lure a family of geese into the street. One of teenagers then drove his Ford Explorer down the street, running over the geese, while the other videotaped the incident, the NJSPCA says.

At least one goose was found dead on Dorset Drive, around the corner from the 300 block of New Dover Road where the attack occurred.

The vehicle used to run down the geese was apparently in the school parking lot with goose feathers embedded into the front license plate, grill and bumper, according to the NJSPCA.

The boys videotaped the event and uploaded it on the social media website Snapchat and spread it around school. The NJSPCA was alerted to the video by concerned citizens.

Video and stills of the incident were released by the NJSPCA. The video appears to show the vehicle traveling fast as it strikes the geese.

Following an investigation, the two boys were found and allegedly admitted to their involvement, according to the NJSPCA. The boys were questioned with their parents’ permission.

The boys were charged with third degree animal abuse filed through the Woodbridge Police Department’s juvenile bureau. The case is expected to be referred to family court because of the age of the boys whose identities are not being released.

According to the NJSPCA, state law mandates under Title 4 that “the court shall order the juvenile to receive mental health counseling by a licensed psychologist or therapist.”


Quinonez has been a kid

Quinonez has been a kid that has played for me since he was a freshman, Overstreet said. Is a junior now and he is just a kid who loves baseball. He is one of those kids that never gets rattled. His tackling is as sound as that of any LB in this year’s class. Last but not least, the ultimate pro: He’s only 20 years old. By the time he turns 21, he’ll be 10 games into his first NFL season..

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L. Ritchie Cartage is run out

L. Ritchie Cartage is run out of a nondescript building on Kennedy Ave., about midway between the 401 and 407. It an easy building to miss, and in fact I did miss it and had to turn around. It was only after I did the interview that I found out he was being fined for not cooperating. I just treated him like another player. We brought him candy with respect.

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Toe feels okay as far as healing

Toe feels okay as far as healing, Roberts said of Forsythe, who is on the DL with a hairline fracture in his right big toe. As he was trying to make a play on a grounder the other day the hamstring just tightened up, so we going to take a couple steps back. Will receive treatment this weekend before resuming baseball activities.

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Nebraska’s game against Colorado on the day

Nebraska’s game against Colorado on the day after Thanksgiving was the first opportunity to retire Suh’s jersey. Suh is having a standout rookie season with the Detroit Lions. Suh leads all NFL interior defensive linemen with 6.5 sacks and his 33 total tackles are the fourth most among all defensive tackles.

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This book was very close to being non fiction in the level of detail, but also very engrossing character development. After reading about David L Robbins amount of research that was conducted, I knew just how realistic this book was. He had spent 3 https://www.cheapjerseys2011.com/ weeks on the battlefields of Kursk in the middle of summer getting a feel for the heat and sun of the Russian steppes.

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Just seamless. Traffic tickets that aren electronic, the original copy has to be forwarded to the state Judiciary within 10 days. Typically, it will take an officer a day or two to enter data from a ticket into the MPD record management system before the ticket is placed in departmental mail and driven to the Traffic Violations Bureau at the Wailuku courthouse, Gannon said.

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The resumes are nearly identical

And Kia attempts a humorous approach. In an ad for the Niro car, Melissa McCarthy takes on political causes like saving whales, ice caps and trees, each time to disastrous effect. The message: “It hard to be an eco warrior, but it easy to drive like one” with a fuel efficient Niro..

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I’m guessing no one’s going to want to face these guys once the wild card round rolls around. The same could be said of the Seahawks, who blew out the Browns en route to a playoff MLB Baseball Jerseys berth. Seattle seems to be firing on all cylinders offensively Russell Wilson is on a historic hot streak and defensively the Legion of Boom is starting to look more like the group it had been the last two seasons.

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Borgmestrene ønsker også at sælge overskydende Translink egenskaber

transit billetpris vandreture og mobilitet prissætning blandt Metro borgmestre

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) Hvad synes du om at betale lidt mere i ejendomsskat og transit billetpriser, mens betale vejafgifter afhængig af hvor langt du kører, hvis det betød alle de længe ventede transport projekter gå videre?

Metro Vancouver borgmestre har afsløret, hvordan de ville finansiere deres andel af, hvad der kræves for at gennemføre deres 10 år transportplan.

Borgmestrene foreslår også at bringe i mobilitet prisfastsættelse inden 2021. canada goose jakke http://www.dcanadagooseonline.top/ At en ordning, som sandsynligvis ville se lavere vejafgifter på flere ruter i stedet for vejafgifter på udvalgte dem, ligesom vi har nu.

Vancouver og Surrey ville give jord til LRT og Broadway subway gratis.

Borgmestrene ønsker også at sælge overskydende Translink egenskaber. Men de også spørge mere fra den provinsielle regering.

Ud over den aftalte en tredjedel andel af kapitalomkostninger, de ønsker provinsen til at returnere 50 millioner $ i karbon skattepenge givet til husstande uden for Metro Vancouver tilbage til regionen.

Metro borgmestre ønsker på papir støtte fra provinsen om ordningen mobilitet prisfastsættelse og styring af Translink givet til borgmestrene.

Provinsen bekræfter 246 mio $ for transitimprovements, hentyder til at støtte ejendomsskat hike

Den provinsielle regering siger, at den stadig skal sidde ned med borgmestrene Rådet til at gå over deres ideer, men det tilbyder $ 246 mio dollars til straks at forbedre transit tværs Metro Vancouver.

Minister Ansvarlig for Translink Peter Fassbender vandt giver en tidslinje for, hvornår projekterne vil blive besluttet på, og hvor hurtigt byggeriet kan begynde.

I mellemtiden er han hentyder til at støtte en ejendomsskat vandretur. nævnt en ejendom elevator og fortætning langs transitkorridorer, som vi mener, selv borgmestrene egen rapport,

Translink sagde, at det kunne være op på 1 mia $ til rådighed til at finansiere kapital infrastruktur. penge, han tilføjer, vil blive brugt over tre år for idéer foreslået af rådet, som er alle en del af fase 1. også nødt til at huske Fase 2 er en langsigtet plan. Det er ikke noget, der vil ske næste år, så vi har tid til at arbejde ud den vej fremad med regionen, med borgmestrene og med vores føderale partnere, forklarer Fassbender.

Alt dette penge Fassbender hævder, er forskellig fra sidste år folkeafstemning, hvor en tredjedel af de penge lovede derefter kun ville have gået til Broadway Subway i Vancouver og LRT i Surrey.


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A charming video shows a dog being sung to sleep by a female voice. The fluffy pooch appears seated on camera in front of a Christmas tree lit up. A woman’s voice says off camera, ‘You ready to go to sleep? You want me to sing you a song so you can go to sleep? You ready?’ She starts to sing the words to Christmas Time is Here from the animated television special A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Friend Pat Duggan, a KING producer, recalling a gracious Enersen: wasn here very long at the station when I became embroiled in a child custody lawsuit which was very nasty, and Jean stopped at my desk with a gift bag and a decorator pillow that said, best is yet to come. And she shared with me that someone gave it to her when she was going through a rough patch. A nice anecdote worth exploring.

cheap snapbacks The ride and handling is excellent for such a large bike, but you can tell the uprated suspension does a lot for this. Comfort is ok, the seat if anything probably too soft and will be better to a lighter chap. Build quality on mine good but did see a few shockers when looking around. cheap snapbacks

The GT gets a mechanical differential, but will still manage 0 62mph in 4.0 seconds.The cheap snapbacks AMG GT starts at 97,200, while the GT S costs 110,500. Aside from the luxury S Class Coupe and the extravagant Mercedes Maybach models, that lofty price tag makes the AMG GT the most expensive car in Mercedes’ current range.Consequently, running costs are very high and every model is in insurance group 50 (though that’s comparative with rivals). Official fuel economy isn’t bad at around 30mpg for both versions but you’ll never see that if you make the most of the immense power.

cheap snapbacks Your write in leader: Green Party candidate Jill Stein couldn’t get a slot on the Indiana ballot. But she was the top write in candidate, with 332 a full 25 percent of the write in vote. The next in line: Independent Evan McMullin, http://www.basketballhat.com who pulled 188;and Bernie Sanders with 179. cheap snapbacks

cheap snapbacks Lakeview has gone from being the ‘other’ city school in Battle Creek in the 1950s and 1960s as a Class B program to now being the largest school in the county. The Spartans have a deep history of football that even predates those decades and has been to the state finals and is currently a perennial playoff participant.Over the summer, the Enquirer asked for opinions from a panel of former players and coaches from each of the city schools to get nominations for our list of the Top 10 All Time players for each of the football programs. Based on those comments, the Enquirer picked the 10 best football players in the history of the school and will rank them until we get to No cheap snapbacks.


Cheap Jerseys free shipping The Saints started run blitzing the Panthers early in the quarter

Sniper paintball guns offer a fun tactical experience as they will allow you to excel at the sniper position. This character is a key player and well respected (depending on how good you are!). His job is to pick off key players with precision accuracy, preferably from a hidden perspective.

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He wintered in Mexico

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Rocks Will Remember….

A term heard often in paranormal field is The Stone Tape Theory.  Term was first coined in a BBC film of the same name. What is this theory, is there anything to it? I am Researching this because the inquiring mind wants to know.  This theory was first proposed in the 1970’s.  Hypothesis was, that in times of high stress or high emotions could somehow help transfer memory to an inanimate object, and actual recording of the event.  This energy would playback in a non-interactive way (a residual haunting).

Researcher Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick claimed objects could retain, record or absorb the “psychic energy” of a tragic event.

William G Roll, Parapsychologist and Professor at State University of West Georgia, agreed with this stone tape theory.  Believing the mind can create apparitions from “psychic traces of the past”   by their “psi field”.  psi field is defined as subtle energy that unites the mind and body, a universal life force running between all things.  Energy in Chinese medicine– Qi;  in Indian Yoga–Prana or Kundalini  energy is also described as an aura, rays, field, audible or tactile vibrations.

Barrett stated that certain cases were imprints or “echoes”somehow become “perceptible to those living”.  He became interested in the paranormal in the 1860’s after an experience with Mesmerism (hypnosis).  He hypothesized these echoes were thought transferences or“place memories”.  Suggesting that hauntings are memories “lost” from an individuals mind, attaching itself to the environment, showing up and replaying back as hallucinations in sensitive people.

Barrett was a member of the Spiritualist movement and was said to be duped by a medium.  later founding The Society of Psychical Research in 1882.

I have not found a reasonable explanation for this theory of stone taping.  Some claim it is geological,  iron oxide, or rust particles, with electromagnetic fields acting as a recording device changing a persons perception of what is seen.  Others refer to the water memory theory (see Water, a Ghost Essential Element) and plate tectonics, an electromagnetic charge caused by quartz in earth that carries  an electric charge from movement of a fault lines.  Fascinating tales of phantoms, echoes and spirits all on the rocks. Cheers !