An Asian Perspective


I’ve been a paranormal investigator for almost six years now and I have never known of another investigator of Asian descent aside from myself and Joe Chin of Ghost Hunters International fame.  This has always been a taboo subject in my family since many Asian cultures believe that people become spirits upon death, but you leave them alone afterwards.  Even jokingly saying that you think the house is haunted will get you a tongue lashing from the conservative family members.  You just don’t talk about it.

The belief is that many spirits are harmful and just talking about them will bring about bad luck to you and your family.  The happiest time of the year in the Chinese culture is the New Year and it’s believed that many things can happen will bring about bad luck for the year including watching a horror movie.   I was always taught to stay away from ghosts and spirits.

One exception is the Chinese Ghost Festival.  Much like Halloween, it’s a celebration of the dead where it’s believe that the gates of the underworld open up and allow the spirits out.  Families will make offers to appease the spirits such as newly harvested grain as well as burn simulated paper money allowing the spirits to have something to spend when they return to the underworld.  Outdoor activities and getting married are avoided this time of year keep a spirit from following anyone home causing a year of bad luck.

Nowadays, my paranormal adventures are not mentioned around my family.  While they may not agree with my choice to investigate, it is who I am.  I do wonder if Joe Chin or any other Asian investigators have experienced the same thing I have.

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