Our History

In April of 2007, two veteran paranormal investigators, Scott Trainito and Sal Pigantone, founded Para-Boston Investigators. After a few short weeks of planning and networking, a small, carefully-chosen group of clever and talented people was formed. Some were members of other paranormal groups — while others had either their own profound paranormal experiences, or a strong passion to investigate and seek out more answers.

Within a year, our group grew into a dedicated team responding to requests to conduct both home and business investigations throughout Massachusetts. Our credibility and professional reputation have helped us gain additional recognition in local newspapers, trade magazines, and the Jordan Rich Show on CBS Radio.

By the Fall of 2008, Para-Boston Investigators was asked to be filmed by FearNet TV. We investigated Gallows Hill Road in Salem, MA for a their cable TV mini-series Ten Most Haunted Streets in America which aired in October 2008. April of 2009 came PBI’s appearance on Keith Johnson’s Rhode Island television paranormal talk show Ghosts R NEAR.

In January of 2018, we changed our name to Paranormal New England, bringing the same dedication and fervor to our investigations as our founders. We are open-minded skeptics and we take a scientific approach that goes much deeper than looking for unexplained creaks and shadows. Each member of the team brings a particular talent to the mix: An inventor of cutting-edge ghost hunting devices with a patent pending … EVP specialists … video analysts … dedicated debunkers … researchers … local history buffs … and all of us curious about Life After “Death”.