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5 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Everything You Read Online.

  1. Some of the pictures on line are obviously fake! Some are really interesting. !!!! I never really believe them, unless I am the photographer,!
    People need to be more aware of their surroundings, remember what you are taking a picture of, who was with you, etc. People are too willing to jump to “it’s a ghost” making the jump far to quickly rather than thinking rationally first, and when all options are exhausted, say it is paranormal

  2. As someone who has given hundreds of historical-based ghost tours, we frequently capture light anomalies and the occassional inexplicable smudge. Is it a full-bodied apparition? Probably not. However, I have seen recurring themes at specific locations. For example, Mass Hall in Harvard Yard has an orange-colored hue to the so-called ghost photos. I don’t think people on our tour are intentionally trying to fake these photos. I just think they’re capturing inexplicable light anomalies that could be debunked with a trained eye.

    • Sam I do agree, i don’t believe the people on the tour are faking. To an untrained eye unusual light and objects in a photo can easily be mistaken and that certainly isn’t the fault of an amateur photographer (especially one who is just out for an evening of ghostly fun) but unfortunately what happens is these folks post these photos on-line with an exciting story and they end up sensationalized (again nothing wrong with that either) and ultimately they land in the hands of people who do investigate more intently. It’s those folks that need to be careful. Whats happening is these “professionals” are seeing the anomalous photos, reading the excited stories and injecting a stamp of authenticity on them without ever examining a possible cause for the photographic affect. Other people looking to investigate on their own see the “authenticity stamp” of the pro’s and end up misinformed. It may not seem like a big deal, but when we encounter folks who would like an investigation, the less informed and misguided they are, the harder our job is to apply reasoning (had have it well received) to their situation.

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