Paranormal Investigation

Paranormal Investigation

If you feel your home or workplace is experiencing unusual activity and you want answers or a possible solution then we have a common goal. Let’s work together.  The New England Center for the Advancement of Paranormal Science (Para~Boston)  specializes in the investigation, research and testing of paranormal claims throughout Massachusetts and east central New England. Utilizing strict scientific methodologies, specialized custom equipment and over  40 years of combined research experience our team can help to uncover the natural causes behind the mysterious experiences and activity in your home or work place. We have uncovered natural explanations for 98% of the locations we investigate.  We help to offer constructive, real world suggestions to improve the environment in your home and ultimately dissipate or eradicate the effects of the unusual experiences you and your family may be having. We do this in pursuit of our common goal “understanding and discovery”. Keep in mind that our approach is not spiritual, although we will completely respect your beliefs as well as your privacy and safety and, as always, our services are completely FREE  of charge.

Our statistical research and experimental approach is nationally recognized. We have continually broken new ground in the experimentation methods, analysis and technology used to research and understand those things that go bump in the night. Be sure to check out our Paranormal Investigation Blogs, Research Libraries and Question and Answers section.  All geared to promote understanding and education. We may never fully understand all of the mysterious complexities of the world around us, but by working together we may be able to help dismantle the fear that has had centuries of people afraid to sleep alone.

Paranormal Investigation, Research and Answers.


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